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Increase Sales Calls
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Turn more Visitors into
Customers with Bouncehelp

Connect with Customers, Increase Revenue,
and Provide Excellent Service

Connect with Your Customers

Give your brand a voice and build
meaningful relationships by engaging
your customers with BounceHelp.


Increase the chances of high value
engagement and more sales by using
proactive tools to automatically reach
out to customers.


Your customers aren't robots. Use our
advanced technologies to connect with
visitors and create a unique experience
for each visitor.

We've Got Everything You Need
to Grow Your Leads, Revenue & Customer Base

Our Engagement Tools:

Bounce Exit Monitor

When a visitor lands on your website, Exit Monitor begins tracking that visitor's mouse movement and behaviour. Our custom built visitor behavior learning algorithm and exit intent technology allows Exit Monitor to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page. Once an exit intent has been triggered, Exit Monitor displays a targeted offer or a question to your visitor. This gives you the ability to either capture a new lead or gain a sale.

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Bounce Contact Button

There are customers waiting on your website, and BounceHelp Contact Button is the best new way to offer them that help. It’s way faster than email and more efficient than a LiveChat. One click on a beautiful icon on the right bottom corner of your website, opens up a simple panel for a visitor to enter their phone number, and in 8 seconds they will get connected with your representative to get their questions answered. Don’t make your customers wait.

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Bounce Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect is a simple way for your website visitors to get help or contact your business while on the go. With just one tap your visitors will be on the line with your sales representative. Mobile traffic is over 50% now, therefore it is very critical to provide simple and effective solutions for your customers to reach you when they need it the most.

For demo - open on your mobile device.

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Additional Features:

Lightning Fast Connection

We have a lightning speed connection
and guarantee that customers will
reach a manager within 8 seconds. That
fast and reliable service increases conversions.

Text Notifications + Email

Every client, after the conversation, is
notified with a convenient thank you
text message that includes the number
and name of your sales rep.

Call recording & CRM

All your leads are conveniently stored in
our simple to use CRM. Every call is
recorded, so you can listen to all
conversations, filter them by sales
representatives, days, etc.

Powerful Metrics

It is very important to monitor your
progress though statistics and analytic
reports. For convenience we included the most
important data onto your dashboard.

Advertising Channels

BounceHelp tells you what source the
leads came from. That way you can analyze
your marketing budget and see what’s
working and what’s not.

CRM integration

You can integrate the CRM you currently
use. All the leads, and any new activity with
the lead will be pushed to your CRM, so
that you can see it all in one place.

BounceHelp leads bring
in additional $15 000 of
business each month.

Chris Rock, CEO at

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